What matters most to the residents of Madison County?

Welcome to the Madison County Heart & Soul page of the Madison County Development Group’s website. The information and free resources you find here are intended to benefit individuals, community leaders, and elected officials who want to make informed programming and policy decisions based upon what matters to the people of Madison County. Heart & Soul is an initiative that recognizes our county is diverse and made up of individual communities, rural areas, and neighborhoods. Heart & Soul’s purpose is to honor community pride as we develop a county-wide future that represents what matters most to the residents. The best way to identify Madison County’s distinctive character – and find the means to protect it – is to listen to people who live in the communities of the county.

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Madison County Heart & Soul heard from over 1,000 citizens across the county to learn what residents love about their community, as well as their desires for the future. This video celebrates what matters most to our citizens and sets the stage for meeting the challenges of balancing growth while maintaining the character of Madison County and its communities.

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Producer: Rebecca Fons
Director: Jack C. Newell
Cinematographer: Kaitlyn Busbee
Editor: Jehanne Junguenet
Drone Footage Provided by: Todd Scott aka Drone Guy

Upon identifying what matters most to the residents, the county and community Heart & Soul teams developed Heart & Soul statements that describe what the people care most about.

These statements provide the starting point for discussing issues, opportunities, and ideas for the future.

Madison County

Heart & Soul Statements and More


Heart & Soul Statements and More

St. Charles

Heart & Soul Statements and More


Heart & Soul Statements for Winterset and More

The Madison County Heart & Soul Findings Report (ThriVinci Report) was funded by grants from the Greater Madison County Community Foundation and funding from the Madison County Board of Supervisors. The report of the county-wide findings provides a framework for unbiased data-driven decision making, extending the collective voice of the citizens and empowering the communities to build toward a future that honors and upholds their values.

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