Now it is time to put the information into action,
and grow from a place of heart and soul.

The data collecting phase of Heart & Soul is really just a beginning. What we’ve learned serves as a launching pad for local businesses, community leaders, and organizations who can use the information to steer the course of our future.  We know what is important to Madison County residents, and we can grow in a manner that residents can embrace and trust.

Madison County Heart & Soul Findings Report (ThriVinci Report)

The Findings Report was created with the support of ThriVinci, a nonprofit that specializes in organizational development, to help analyze the over 1000 survey responses. The report contains a thematic analysis of the responses to the questions of what people like about where they live and what would make our communities and Madison County a better place to live. This analysis identified values and common themes by county and individual communities. Respondents also included suggestions for enhancement, organized into categories, and presented in the report as possibilities for action planning.

County and Community Action Planning

Madison County Heart & Soul has established a path to the future by identifying what matters most to the residents of the county and its communities. The County Heart & Soul statements, as well as those developed by communities, provide a compass that helps the communities set a direction during times of change.  

Action Planning Resources

With these resources, the Heart & Soul project can live on in our communities as a guiding force. The long-term implementation of Heart & Soul happens when local officials, boards, and community decision-makers mobilize the participatory approach of the Heart & Soul principles.

Stewardship Resources