• Madison County Heart & Soul PowerPoint provides an overview of the Madison County Heart & Soul initiative, including its history, the process used to collect and analyze what matters to the residents, a summary of its findings, and the county Heart & Soul statements. Contact madcoheartandsoul@gmail.com to schedule a presentation from Leadership Team members and/or for full access to the PowerPoint for your organization’s use.
  • Madison County Heart & Soul Action Plan Template is a straight-forward easy to use guide for your organization’s goal setting and planning. By connecting pertinent Heart & Soul statements to your project, you can ensure your actions are based on what matters most to your constituents. The template includes an action plan sample.
  • Our Communities Read Together is an action plan developed by the St. Charles Public Library. The project’s goal is to promote connections, inspire conversations, and build mutual understanding by bringing together library patrons from across the county to read and discuss critically acclaimed books.

Madison County Heart & Soul in Service to the Community

There are many ways that Heart & Soul can live on in our communities. For example, the I-35 School District applied for a grant for funding to increase their community day care program. Madison County Heart & Soul wrote a letter in support of the program, using Heart & Soul statements as evidence of community support. Contact us to explore ways that your organization’s goals can be supported: madcoheartandsoul@gmail.com

I-35 Future Ready Grant Request